Baxter Mtn

I was looking for a new hike to do for the weekend so I did some Google searching and came across Baxter Mtn. I hadn’t heard of this mountain before and the mileage / difficulty was exactly what I was looking for. So on Saturday (August 29th), I decided to give it a shot.

I arrived at the trailhead just outside of Keene Valley around 7:30 a.m and was the first car in the parking lot. A small space for half dozen cars or so on the side of the road. I put my gear together and began the hike.

There is no sign in log book which was unfortunate as I was curious how many people climbed the mountain on the daily basis. Less than a minute into the hike, I ran into power lines and crossed underneath them. The hike itself is 1.1 miles to the summit and follows an easy trail with plenty of blue trail markers. Actually, something I hadn’t really seen before but many of the blue trail markers had a white arrow pointing which direction to go to the next blue marker.

The first part of the hike isn’t to steep and does a few switch backs making it easier to hike. At the 0.7 mile, I ran into a junction and continued to follow the blue markers (right path) to the summit. This section gets a little bit steeper. But the best part is I started to see some of the view.

Arriving at the summit, there are several view spots mixed into the woods that provide excellent views to the south. Most notably being able to see Keene Valley and the Great Range right behind it. Also in the view were Big Slide, Colden, Nippletop and a few other high peaks.

I ate my typical Stewarts sandwich for lunch and spent a lot of time enjoying the view and taking many, many photos. I can’t tell you how much I loved seeing the Great Range and Marcy at the far end. Looked amazing.

The hike down was the same way I came up. I ran into a couple groups of hikers on the way out and by the time I got to the parking lot, there were about six cars there. It was a beautiful hike and I loved every minute of it. Have you hiked it before? Sound off in the comments below and tell me what you thought of it.

Photos of Baxter Mtn

Jonathan Volks

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