Bolton Landing Fireworks

Trip Report from the 2017 Bolton Landing Fireworks

Bolton Landing Fireworks

Fireworks over Lake George

Hike Date July 4th, 2017 | Posted on July 15th 2017

What is becoming an annual tradition, for the Fourth of July I headed up to Shelving Rock Mountain to watch the fireworks from Bolton Landing.  I arrived at the trailhead around 6pm. The parking area (which had been redone recently) was about half filled and another group of hikers was just getting out of their car as well. Ironically, it was the same four guys that I saw last year during this trip. They having been doing this trip for I believe they said five or six years now and are making it an annual tradition.

Fireworks from the Sagamore Resort

Fireworks from the Sagamore Resort

If you have read any of my blog posts before, I’m sure you have seen that I hike Shelving Rock Mountain way to many times. This hike was no different than any of the others. I hiked the 1.7 miles to the summit solo and then followed some rabbit trails down to the overlook of Lake George. For such a small mountain, it’s still one of my favorite views.

At the summit was the group of four that I met at the trailhead plus another couple. I found a nice spot with a clear view of where the fireworks would be and got my gear together. There was plenty of time for me to get ready as I had about 2.5 hours until the fireworks started. I ate my dinner (sandwich from Stewarts), conversed with some of the people and enjoyed the sunset. The view faces directly west so it was perfect to catch pictures of the sun setting over the mountains.

As the firework time approached, more and more people began to show up. I’d say by the time they started, there were about 30 people at the summit. Certainly glad I got their early. Around 9:30pm the fireworks started launching from a boat out in front of the Sagamore Resort.

For firework photos I set my Nikon D5200 up on a tripod and use a remote shutter.  I like doing these photos with a slow shutter speed. This time I wasn’t really to happy with the turnout. Don’t get me wrong, they are not terrible, but the camera I was using didn’t have enough of a telephoto lens so everything was really wide angle. For a couple of the shots that was what I was going for but the end result which you can see below, I ended up cropping those images quite a bit. So they look good when they are small size but blow up to large, you can really see a lot of distortions.

After the fireworks finished, I got my head lamp out, packed my gear and headed down the mountain. I was hoping to see some kind of critter on the way out but unfortunately I did not. The walk out was pretty uneventful. I do love this mountain but I am debating if I want to do this same trip next year for the fireworks. Although the people that were up there were respectful to the mountain, having that many kind of lost it’s charm. We will see what happens next year.

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