46 High Peaks of the Adirondacks

For anybody who likes to go hiking in the Adirondacks, one of their goals is to climb some if not all the 46 High Peaks. These 46 High Peaks are mountains within the Adirondacks that are over 4,000 Feet in height. Although a couple peaks are under 4,000 feet, this is due to an error in their initial calculation. For histories sake they are still on the list. There is also a mountain which was originally thought to be under 4,000 feet but actually is not. Below is a list of the 46 High Peaks in order by elevation. As I climb them I’ll add links to my blog.

Mountain Elevation Climbed?
Mt. Marcy 5344′
Algonquin Peak 5114′ Yes
Mt. Haystack 4960′
Mt. Skylight 4926′
Whiteface Mtn. 4867′
Dix Mtn. 4857′
Gray Peak 4840′
Iroquois Peak 4840′
Basin Mtn. 4827′
Gothics 4736′
Mt. Colden 4714′
Giant Mtn. 4627′ Yes
Nippletop 4620′
Santanoni Peak 4607′
Mt. Redfield 4606′
Wright Peak 4580′ Yes
Saddleback Mtn. 4515′
Panther Peak 4442′
Tabletop Mtn. 4427′ Yes
Rocky Peak Ridge 4420′ Yes
Macomb Mtn. 4405′ Yes
Armstrong Mtn. 4400′
Hough Peak 4400′
Seward Mtn. 4361′
Mt. Marshall 4360′ Yes
Allen Mtn. 4340′
Big Slide Mtn. 4240′ Yes
Esther Mtn. 4240′
Upper Wolfjaw 4185′
Lower Wolfjaw 4175′ Yes
Street Mtn. 4166′
Phelps Mtn. 4161′ Yes
Mt. Donaldson 4140′
Seymour Mtn. 4120′
Sawteeth 4100′
Cascade Mtn. 4098′ Yes
South Dix 4060′
Porter Mtn. 4059′ Yes
Mt. Colvin 4057′
Mt. Emmons 4040′
Dial Mtn. 4020′
East Dix 4012′
Blake 3960′
Cliff Mtn. 3960′
Nye Mtn. 3895′
Couchsachraga Peak 3820′