Black Mountain Fire Tower

Black Mountain is located on the Eastern side of Lake George, outside the town of Whitehall. A moderate hike of 2.5 miles, both experienced and beginning hikers will find the view enjoyable as it faces the Northern end of Lake George.

The beginning of the hike shares a road with a hunting camp. Be sure to follow the path and not wander off the path on to private property. At the top, there is a fire tower, weather station and the remains of the fire warden’s hut. The fire tower is inaccessible to the public as it is now part of the weather station.

Hikers can make this trip a loop by coming down  the back side of the mountain and swinging around to Black Mountain Ponds and Lapland Pond. Both ponds have lean-tos on them for overnight camping.

Boaters on Lake George can also anchor off the shore and climb Black Mountain from the back side of the mountain as there is a trail that leads from Lake George to the top.

Directions from Whitehall, NY (Google Map)

  1. Follow Rt. 22 out of Whitehall for 7.2 miles.
  2. Turn left onto Country Road 6 and follow for 2.6 miles.
  3. Take left onto Pike Brook Road and follow for 0.8 miles.
  4. Parking area will be on the right and is indicated by DEC sign.


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