Shelving Rock Mountain

A simple hike of 1.7 miles, Shelving Rock Mountain is located on the Eastern side of Lake George with views facing the South end of the lake.  The trail up the mountain is a carriage trail that zig-zags up the mountain at a low gradient which usually makes hiking time just under an hour. Great for first time hikers and seasoned veterans will enjoy this mountain all the same.

Hiking Tip: The view at the very top is limited, hikers will need to follow foot paths down the mountain to find a large opening where the trees are not blocking the view of Lake George. Finding this look out is what makes this hike worth climbing over and over. Note that going off the main trail can get disorienting, especially since there are many foot paths that lead in different directions, be smart about what you are doing and which direction is which.

Related Hike: Shelving Rock Waterfalls provides for a great additional hike while you are in the area.

Directions to Trail Head from I-87 (View Google Map)

  1. Take Exit 20 off I-87
  2. Turn left onto NY-149/U.S. 9N
  3. Turn right onto NY-149 East
  4. 6 miles, turn left onto Buttermilk Falls Rd.
  5. 3.1 Miles, Buttermilk Falls Rd turns into Sly Pond Rd.
  6. 5.7 Miles, turn left onto Shelving Rock Rd (next to Hog Town Trail Head)
  7. Continue on Shelving Rock Rd. for 3.6 Miles
  8. Trail Head  and Parking Lot is on the right. Large DEC sign will indicate parking area.


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